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Online store Jammer Most Powerful 6 Bands Radar Style Phone Jammer Extreme Cool Edition Cell tGxvewQkQzGmQ for hidden.

  • Online store Jammer Most Powerful 6 Bands Radar Style Phone Jammer Extreme Cool Edition Cell tGxvewQkQzGmQ for hidden

Product Description


Jammer Blocker - Most Powerful 6 Bands Radar Style Cell Phone Jammer ( Extreme Cool Edition ) is a 6-Band radar shape portable cell phone jammer. It is the latest independent research and development of a plastic casing, dual fan, built-in antenna, and uses a dedicated industrial power signal jammer cell phone, and its style is not any one of the novel has an interesting style radar It includes almost all current mobile phone signal band (including the latest in 3G services), and targeted for signal jamming, excellent design and raw materials made it the degree of life and utility greatly increased, And it is particularly suitable for examination of all places.

6 band design

The cell phone jammer in a 6-band design, a fundamental solution to the jamming signal instability, sporadic phenomenon, the absolute cell phone text messages can be masked, even from mobile phone base station signal transmission can be guaranteed of more recent jamming a classroom, if the signal transmission from the phone to talk about far more than you can use a single classroom.

Because of the costs in recent years, cell phone jammer are used by manufacturers of multi-channel approach to reduce the cost of the merger, this is bound to interfere with mobile communications uplink signals, and the results will make a few hundred meters outside the examination room and even a few kilometers away, mobile phone users can not communication, causing serious disputes. TG1164 cell phone jammer fundamental solution to this problem, which is targeted to all domestic mobile phone jamming signals, including the latest 3G, 3-band, using sub-screen mode, only the downlink interference signal, must does not affect the mobile operators uplink signals to the electromagnetic environment green pollution-free.

Plastics Shell, Dual Fan, Built-In Antenna design

TG1164 cell phone jammers use of plastic materials, to solve the problem hot metal fuselage, fuselage lightweight easy to carry, built-in antennas do not need to install the antenna, saving valuable time and can avoid an error caused by the wrong antenna position operation. Dual cooling fan design to ensure a good long life.

Industrial power, special shell design

Power is the heart of electronic products, regardless of any electronic products, the most important thing is the quality of power supply, TG1164 with built-in dual-metal industries, switching power supply, the power supply is designed specifically for jamming device can ensure uninterrupted operation for 3 years more greatly ensure the service life of each channel has sufficient bandwidth and power. TG1164 human design, can adjust the screen up and down about the direction of targeted areas in need of jamming. Can be wall-mounted or simply placed on the table.

For places

In the examination rooms, meeting rooms, bank halls, hosptial waiting rooms, private rooms, prison cells, security prohibited areas, casino, theatres, churches, temples, trains, buses and so on.

Technical Specifications

  • Jamming Radius:Up to 50m
  • Cellular Systems:
    • -Output American + European Standard Frequency
    • --CDMA (A):850-880MHz
    • -CDMA (E):880-894MHz
    • -GSM:925-960MHz
    • -DCS:1805-1880MHz
    • -PHS:1880-1920MHz
    • -3G:2110-2170MHz
  • Power Supply:Input :AC176V-264V , Output : DC 5V10A 9V1A
  • Output Power:2 Watt/channel; Total: 12 Watt
  • Dimension:Product Size: (Fold: 30*39*11cm) ; (Unfold: 33.5*30*23)
  • Package Size: 44*37*14cm
  • Temperature: -10 to +55℃
  • Relative Humidity : ≤90%(RH)
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86-106kPa
  • Position : indoor
Note: The jamming distances we mentioned on website are for customer's reference only. The actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges, etc.

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