Buy USB GPS signal blocker GPS L1 L2 Jammer ckou_GhbmmGta 50% discount.

This GPS jammer is the newest GPS L1 jammer with Hidden USB DISK appearrance.

Frequency: GPS L1: 1500-1600Mhz, GPS L2: 1220-1230Mhz

Weight: 0.013KG

Weight (with packaging included): 0.048KG

Safe Working Voltage: DC5V

Powered equipment: USB Interface (Power Bank, Computers, Mobile Phone Chargers, Car Charger) Androird Charging Interface (Mobile Phones, All Androird Equipments, etc.)

Shielding Range: 10-50M

Note: This USB GPS JAMMER can ONLY block GPS signals, and CANNOT block GSM GPRS(LBS) positioning!

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