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2016 4 Antenna Handheld JammersEasy Phone WIFI GPS to Carry aschvxbvnhzzGhxwvYc for hidden.

  • 2016 4 Antenna Handheld JammersEasy Phone WIFI GPS to Carry aschvxbvnhzzGhxwvYc for hidden
  • Product Decription:

    If you want to find a jammer that can not only block cell phone but also GPS or WiFi signal,you can choose the jammer.With the small size and light weight it is very easy to carry and convenient to use.You can also choose to disturb other frequencies  since it is multi-functional and configurable,supporting WIFI,GPS,315MHz,433MHz,868MHz listed above.Moreover,the car charger is provided for you.


    Radius up to 15 meters

    Multi-functional with 4 frequencies for you to choose

    Built-in battery with car charger and AC power adapter


    Frequencies Supported:

    CDMA (870-880MHz)

    GSM (930-960MHz)

    PCS (1930-1990MHz)

    3G (2010-2145MHz)

    315 MHz

    433 MHz

    868 MHz

    GPS (1570-1580MHz) 

    WIFI 2.4G (2400-2500MHz)

    Please note that the jammer is only available to jam up to 4 defferent frequencies mentioned above at the same time.

    Working Radius: 5-15 meters (depending on the signal strength in the given area)

    Power supply: AC110-240V  12V    

    Built-in Battery:2000mA/h

    Device Size: 110*62*30mm     

    Package Size: 209*52*86mm

    Weight Of Product: 500g


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