Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler

Main Features:

  • Jamming Device: Mobile Phone,GPS,Wifi
  • Jamming Signal: 3G CDMA GSM DCS PCS,GPS,wifi
  • Jamming Area: 20 Meters in diameter
  • Specifications:

  • Jamming Frequency:

    3G : 2110-2170MHZ;

    GPS: 1570-1580MHz

    WIFI 2.4G:2400-2500MHz

    GPS: 1570-1580MHz


    GSM: 925-960MHz;

    DCS: 1805-1880MHz;

    PCS: 1920-1990MHz;

  • Jamming Area: 20 Meters in diameter depending on signal strength and working environment
  • Max Output Power: 3W
  • Power Supply:AC100-240V DC12V
  • Size: Antennas off - 126 x 76 x 35mm(L x W x D)
  • Weight:1KG
  • Package Included:

  • 1pc Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler
  • 1pc Power Adapter (100-240V)
  • 1pc Car Charger
  • 1pc Manual(if not included, please send email to ask for it)
  • Important Notice

  • The item is for Legal Use only!
  • Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler
    Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler
    Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler
    Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler
    Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler
    Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler
    Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler
    Portable 3G Mobile Phone Jammer + GPS Isolator + Wifi Scrambler

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