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Pls choose one Frequency!!!!

Thank you for you using this jammer ,Now, let me introduce and make you have better understanding about the positions of all the buttons,function of accessories and other hardware.

RF Frequency G:
CDMAGSM: 850 to 960MHz
DCS/PCS: 1805 to 1990MHz
3G: 2110 to 2170MHz
4G(LTE): 725-770MHz OR 790-862MHZ
4G: 2345-2400MHz OR 2620-2690MHZ

RF Frequency A:
CDMAGSM: 850 to 960MHz
DCS/PCS: 1805 to 1990MHz
3G: 2110 to 2170MHz
4G(LTE): 725-770MHz OR 790-862MHZ
4G: 2345-2400MHz OR 2620-2690MHZ

RF Frequency B:
CDMA/GSM: 850 to 960MHz
DCS/PHS: 1805 to 1990MHz
3G: 2110 to 2170MHz
4G(LTE): 725-770MHz OR 790-862MHZ
4G: 2345-2400MHz OR 2620-2690MHZ
GPS: 1570-1580MHZ

RF Frequency C:
CDMA/GSM 900: 925 to 960MHz
DCS/PCS: 1805 to 1990MHz
3G: 2110 to 2170MHz
315: 315MHZ
433: 433MHz
Lojack: 167-175MHz

RF Frequency D:
CDMAGSM: 850 to 960MHz
DCS/PCS: 1805 to 1990MHz
WIFI: 2400--2485MHZ
3G: 2110 to 2170MHz
VHF: 135-174MHz
UHF: 400-470MHz

Output Power: 15W

Power supply: AC adapter (AC110V/220V-DC12V)

Shielding Radius: (2-50) meters@-75dBm (depends on the strength signal in given area.)

Weight: 2.8KG/PCS

Open up the packaging:

Carefully open up the packaging case and reserve it for the purpose of loading or shipping in the future.

Please check whether all the things are kept in good condition or not.

If you encounter the bad condition of the elements or being damaged, please contact your dealer immediately.

Connecting system:

After connecting all of the subassemblies, please connect one side (DC) of power supply wire onto the device's power port, and connect the other side to the power supply jack.

Turning on your jammer:

After connecting all of the surrounding elements and tie wires, please press the switch of left side to ON then the jammer will be working normally. The power pilot lamp will be green.

Turning off your jammer:

Finding the switch of system's main-power supply on the system's left side
faceplate and turning it off.


Before linking all the antenna, power supply shall not be switched on at first. Non taking off antenna when the mainframe is in the working condition.

The jammer shall be installed in the position with good ventilation. And large-scale things shall be avoided to ensure to the shielding effect.

When use the jammer outdoors, preventing water shall be taken into +consideration.

Antenna shall be used vertical to the ground.

If you used in car,Please make sure the car output adapter is DC12V, this machine only can be working on DC12V .Not DC24V.

The Remote switch cann’t be used in this style.

Left side elevation:


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