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Have you used a GPS mobile phone jammer with antennas (4pcs)? People who have such experience should know the gadget is really amazing! It can not only block all the signals of cell phones and keep you away from the noisy cell phone ringtones, but also can help you disguise or cover up your position, so that you will not be traced by others, like your “kind” boss, your enthusiastic lover. However, if you crashed carelessly the jammer from a high position and broken the original antennas or your kid broke them because of their naughty, how will you handle with the jammer? Are you willing to throw it away? Too wasteful!
Here, the GPS mobile phone jammer antenna (4pcs) is prepared for you. You could replace the broken ones with the spare antennas. You could buy another set of antennas for unexpected need when you buy the GPS mobile phone jammer. Just as the proverb in China: Keep something for a rainy day. You’ll need it one day! Still pondering? Move quickly!



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